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It Had To Be You de Bertín Osborne

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12 de noviembre de 2015

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(*DNA gets into a fighting stance and starts to mimic throwing punches*)
Oh yeah, these still work
I'mma be throwin' those 'til the bag drop
But y'all shoulda known this (s)well ahead
If it's any trauma, it's for the have-nots (knots)
They said, "Preachin', are you worried or not?"
I said, "Shit, if I circle the block, it's his last stop."
'Cause me takin' the Martin Luther King road...put Ave in a bad spot!
I want a body, nigga! Fuck a classic!
Smack said, "Volume 7, son."
Nah, nigga! Summer Madness!
But as soon as they offered that extra bag
ERRT! This shit gon' go left for Ave like London traffic
Ron and Nicole, there's a slaughter
Jada and August, I prepared it for ya
'Cause see, you gon' die...
(*swoo*) But I'm just givin' him a couplе to get his affairs in order
Let's sharе the torture
Shark City, the fans said, "How can I control the fight?"
(*click*) By puttin' my foot down for a start: motorbike
The coldest right
Nigga, I stand up better than Dolomite!
You bounce wit' the words: open mic!
Stealin', we know your type
So you ain't receivin' no props
'Cause all them punches is (*smack*) easy to block (Eazy Da Block) when you overbite!
"Your background and origin!" That's exactly how this gon' go tonight
And you should've been familiar after the second case
Stop taking Corona light (Lite)
Casket or urn, it don't make a difference
Battle rap, this my favorite business
'Cause first I had to deal wit' the Mafia, and now we alone (loan), Shark
I'm gainin' interest
You ain't even kinda nice!
You know it's crazy how I'm rhymin', right?
So like a corsage, y'all gon' give my pen (pin) flowers
Yeah, I'm in my prime (prom) tonight!
You was on the sideline, it's my time
Your lifeline is critical
Them drive-bys is pitiful
Lettin' .9s fly, but I'm Einstein, so when I rhyme, it's lyrical
Your guidelines is minimal
Your timeline's subliminal
The Shark is in a whirlwind of trouble: SyFy original!
I see y'all got it twisted!
Setup, name flip, wit' ya lil' Glock in hand
Predictable, 'cause we all know you finna punch like Aquaman!
Look how I scale the body
This nigga thought this would be a walk in the park
Nigga, I said "Aquaman" 'cause I'm the only one that can talk to the Shark!
My raps godly
You just got flips off the ladder like Matt Hardy
But with me, it's always...substance in the punch like a frat party
Angles, concepts, breakdowns - nigga, you due for a lesson
See, all my punches followin' content
But we gon' leave that up to the viewer's discretion
They used to say I was bummy
Then I came up wit' a slogan 'cause I was gettin' to the bread
They said I had no per-
Nigga, I turned into "The Champ"
They like, "This nigga's a celeb."
Even said I stole
Well, despite a (spider) bite, my legacy's instilled up in your head
So the moral is (Morales) you can't alter DNA
I move different on the Web
You said you lost your senses and wanted 'em back like a ex-lover
Bein' on Caffeine would make his best summer!
Well, I couldn't wait to be face-to-face wit' this bitch
'Cause after you get a taste of this shit, you gon' Step, Brother!
You wanted smoke? Now you on my list
Fonz, you shoulda stuck a fork in Ave like the road's not split
If it was me, it woulda been no chance of the return like a onside kick!
When I gambled, it was 4-5-6
Freestyles, cyphers - you couldn't last in my hood ever
That's why I came to catch a body on Ave: the cover of GoodFellas
I thought you would be with the Bat man...forever
Smack, that shit turned to a circus act
I mean, we all saw the Dent in the situation
That's why you walkin' on this tightrope and you wonder why
You never gave 'em the...heads-up
So bein' Two-Face(d) killed your family, but you still gotta see the X on the other side
This was before you was robbin' (Robin)!
When you didn't have a home, and the Bat made you a sidekick!
But then when he teamed up with Surf, y'all wasn't on the same page
And for all that, I question the staff
'Cause who was in the lab lettin' you be the brains, Wave?
Alright, let's stop talkin' in riddles
'Cause they had a master plan
By the time you teamed up wit' Surf, he was all enraged
'Cause yeah, you revealed the identity, but couldn't carry (Carrey) your new role and it destroyed the Cave
Aye, Tay-Tay, watch out! He might be the next to battle ya
Transylvania: whoever knew the road to Ave led to Dracula?
It's spectacular
Y'all was like the Avengers when y'all was gettin' that bread
But now y'all don't Mind takin' Roc(k) out since that Vision is dead
I'm just pickin' headstones
This is where this nigga gets exposed
And I told y'all I could handle a Shark bite - I hit it on the nose

Say, so I finally got my taste of Caffeine
Shouts to my nigga Smack, you the plug, cuh
Shit, niggas thought I only ate off the app like Grubhub
This the one that coulda been swept, coon
'Cause he was dead before niggas knew it...but now I'm 'bout to bring this MF Doom
In a small room, wit' no home crew to support this chump
'Cause you know they love to add in that gas before a punch
Fake-late-catchin' shit, knowin' they heard it more than once
Yeah, this is where the crowd yellin' stop like Forrest Gump
It's just us, chump
So come wit' all that bogus confusion
Expectin' brownie points from shit that you supposed to be doin'
I see through it
That preachin' and teachin' you speakin' 'bout ain't for guidance
Nigga, you tryna invite us to Beasley house!
Man, keep your clout!
'Cause I ain't reach for yo' help
How you gon' speak to me when you the one that had the problem beatin' yo' self?
Like, make it clear to me, niggas
So different personalities wit' the identity, I'm supposed to see the kid as a killer?
How y'all figure?
And how you know the codes to the game, slime?
You like the most-viewed and most-overlooked at the same time!
Can't find out who to be but a poser
What you gon' call me? Nathan?
My nigga, that's just what you mean to the culture
You could've been dope, bruh
Missed your first swing as a chosen favorite
Your second strike came when my niggas exposed that fake shit
Your third? Showin' greatness
You struck out, so as far as the Lux route
Man, you basically wasted that Loaded basis (bases)
So that talkin' won't convince me
This animated teacher can die crossin' Ave
On my Soul, that's word to Disney!
So switchin' up your aura is great
But he can keep the change, Smack, like when JC ordered your drinks
I think he fake!
Nigga, save all the nonsense
Okay, Eric dropped holdin' the .40 - this ain't Straight Outta Compton
Now his content is mold you and coach
How to get a little control wit' the streamin' like a Roku remote
Bro, you'se a joke!
And this whole new approach, I'm not sold
Your stock low, and this the only way you get guap, though
So all that frontin'? Stop, bro
And for those that wanna know if Ave still got a circle wit' Roc(k) like a pothole
That's the bro!
And I know y'all wanted issue to brew
But I'll still swing over Roc(k) like I'm Skip 2 My Lou
You ain't gon' harm the bro-bro
And that goes for any nigga tryna burden (bird and) the Bat like the Cardinals logo
I'm with the smoke!
To show the scars I took in fights
'Cause I was taught to go yo' hardest regardless and earn yo' stripes
So fuck off wit' your advice
'Cause you fought in Corona and lost a tooth
My fight in Corona almost took my life!
We ain't alike!
So what, we had to handle the streets?
You gotta sacrifice how you can so the family can eat
So all that preachin' ain't gon' fly off wit' me
And if y'all hypin' this DNA, it's clear nobody by y'all a G (biology)
What he gon' speak about? Me drinkin'?
Yeah, I get a little tipsy
But I don't need to drink to be dangerous, I gets busy
So I can have the liquor with me
'Cause you not even worth a lil' murder
I'll beat yo' ass and not even miss a sip, E (Mississippi)
That angle ain't gon' rattle me none, so don't lecture me!
Born Legacy: my only battle with Rum!
So young'un, miss me wit' this life shit!
'Cause you only hype whenever Power come on
Knock it off! That's why the light switch!?
Writin' as if we told you to coach?
Well, listen, bro, it was never 'bout the war in your quotes
We just can tell your whole aura's a joke
'Cause only bitches will run from DNA...like when they get the wrong Maury results
Nigga, you go

Nigga, you a detective or Inspector Gadget or some shit?
'Cause he was callin' himself "Tom Sheppard" and "Bumpy Johnson" on Facebook
Every two months, makin' slight changes
And then Fonz told us your real name is Nathan Na-
Nigga, it's nothin' to be worried about
When they start doin' research on you, that means you quite famous
But now I know who I'm talkin' to
And what I do wit' this pen is quite dangerous
'Cause the 757 got exposed by that Land line (landline)
And I found out who to address on these white pages (Whitepages)
I got your number
See, I know you wanna fight Fonz 'cause that info got blurted out
'Cause Nate dawg (Dogg) gave us the Area Code, and now you got a hook off word-of-mouth (Word of Mouf)
But you focused, explosive
Woo! I expected that round to be fire
So don't stop me from goin' off, 'cause I'mma put a dent in Nate (detonate) if this comes down to the wire
These your final minutes
You mad 'cause Conceited dissed you, but to the other punchers, you don't got the same heart
You gotta do more than just be lettin' that thang spark
See, if you really wanna talk to Con' soul (console), you gotta just be more than cold (code) wit' the cartridge
I'm just givin' you game, Shark (GameShark)
You see, I'm a entrepreneur
So I really wanna give Marc thanks
'Cause you right - I'm part of a investment
To make sure it's nothin' left in that Shark Tank
I done had it up to here
You worried about this veteran affairs
I know I took long, but I get it
Admit it!
Being impatient (inpatient) got you put in a VA hospital
But I came to put on a clinic
And you gon' stay overnight
I know you used to hope to see the day you would get the Champ at NOME
I'mma smoke him either way, he won't get to share the throne
And it's a focused DNA
And your folks can't lead the way
That's why this nigga stands alone
Nigga, that's why it was bold to (boulder) leave the Cave: Indiana Jones!
You lookin' strong wit' your weapon
This the feature where the teacher turns preacher, and you endurin' the lesson!
But it's more in the message!
It's no joke, I'm like the Pope, and this calls for a blessin'
'Cause St. John got a clear case on Ave, and y'all gon' be appalled in the second (Paul II)
This the wrong tier
Meet your maker
I'm like the Undertaker, it's been a long year
Now look at the hand that you burned
'Cause the only thing you managed to earn (urn) is a pallbearer (Paul Bearer)!
Aw, yeah! What's Happenin'?
It ain't gon' be Good Times or Happy Days if we go to war this summer
All them lyrical killings we keep All in the Family
They sayin' Three's Company, but I want the numbers
Now before I mention another '70s Show, I want y'all to see what Eric's formin' (Foreman)
Don't have thoughts and wonder
'Cause we usually don't talk about them bodies that we hide (Hyde) in the basement, but you forced a (foster) brother!
After COVID, you had balled-up aggression, so you put up a guard
You ain't even stick wit' your crew!
You had to get back on your feet, so you took a stance on makin' pivotal moves
You was goin' through the motions, tryna get back in the swing of things
'Cause the people felt like you lost talent
The media took jabs, you ain't like how it came across, so it threw you off-balance
Wait - I said "balled-up", "guard", "stance"
See, I was schemin' from the jump
And I figured I had the right to step in 'cause I could beat him to the punch!
What!? I'm in L.A.! X niggas landin' like 323!
They tellin' the preacher, "Chill!" like I'mma leave you be
Nah, this where the Queens nigga cooks the Shark: Deep Blue Sea!
Your aura's off! You fallin' off!
You was supposed to make a career in the Cave: Lara Croft!
Yeah, you punch - I block, though
Get pieced and a (dinner) round: Roscoe's!
These come in bulk: Costco!
Big mistake (steak): churrasco!
Add the spice: cilantro!
This the spot that he dies on!
Ozzy Osbourne, but it don't stop, though
And it's no difference, Smack
'Cause he...bit the Bat, but yet and still it's Roc(k) show
Yeah, we both ship! But I think you got me beat in that battle
'Cause that's the only time you got personality, when you step out the Bat's shadow
It all started when you tried to fuck wit' Verb, sh-s-slurrin' a bunch of words
Drunk on the Island like Jack Sparrow
And then you said, "Why is the Rum gone?"
You see, liquor's an escape route, but in this case, it's Nate's obsession
Prohibition: URL sellin' Rum over Ave put him in a Great Depression
This gon' be your favorite lesson!
Cadence, creativity - you lackin' in some
Vegas, Miami - that's where the action is from
'Cause when you strip Ave, it's just a attraction for Rum!
I'm done!
.30 over the .40, like a improper fraction
Well, that's simple mathematics
'Cause if you add up the punches, and if the answer ain't divided by some (sum), then the only thing that means is you average!
Step wit' me!
You wanna punch? Get hit wit' the left quickly
The vets busy, the set hit me
You'll never be the next Nitty
The closest we gon' see Ave to Rum? Wet Willie's!
And they replaced you wit' Fonz!
Nigga, they ain't even leave wit' regret!
The World's Most didn't even believe in respect
And we seen it wit' Chess
Mardi Gras, 'cause we just keep gettin' flashes of Ave...but Beas' (beads) at his neck!
I'm the best!
This where this nigga get exposed!
And I told you I could handle a Shark bite - nigga, I hit it on the nose!
Let's work!

Like, real shit, I don't know how y'all niggas feel
But lately I'm seein' shit that need to chill
Bunch of fake-ass niggas tryna debate what's seen as real
As if they feel we livin' equally
But if you ain't been in my position or survived my conditions, nigga, don't speak for me
To keep it G, it's only a few of y'all really wit' it
All the rest of y'all is just extra draw to sell a few tickets
Niggas bitches, and if you feel offended, then state the business
I'm from Norfolk - don't make my convincin' cause a conviction
'Cause I'm wit' it...I'm wit' it
Run down on this bitch wit' the .40 piece
Face shot, I'll turn his brain to a-
Wait - before we beef
You said you changed your life, so you'd rather fight and avoid the heat?
'Cause we could give P the guns (Peter Gunz), partner, like Lord Tariq
And you gon' still end up droppin', my G
They so fast, the Champ duckin' the draft like Muhammad Ali
And I can give your peeps the same smoke, homes
That mean the same blow thrown'll get Rain to lay (delay) like the game postponed
So what you on? Besides this new truth-givin' braggin'
Aye, I heard about that news and was laughin'
'Cause this goofy just actin'
So after all the years of shootin' your ratchet, you pass the sticks on '21?
Fuck, you losin' in Madden?
And y'all gas him!
You ain't changin' up shit for no influence
Nigga, every battle, Eric can tell you ain't been through it
When it's pressure, he gon' jam
Egg me? I'm goin' HAM
Shit get hashed by raisin' toast: that's Breakfast with The Champ!
Fam', it ain't about portrayin' no gangsta!
But see how far you gon' get wit' this preachin' shit the day your family in danger
'Cause as a man, half your job is protect
So a nigga harm 'em or send a threat, you just gon' real-talk 'em to death?
And this the shit that y'all respect? How y'all vouchin' this even?
Nigga, you the man of the house! People count on you leadin'!
You beef wit' me? It's done with speakin'
Knife on the AK, the poke chop like a South nigga speakin'!
So is we beefin'? 'Cause I swear it's on y'all
Wit' me, it's never no prob'
You got some niggas throwin' sets in your squad? Well, hoo-rah
'Cause I'm connected, on God
And mine came for trouble
So name your color like Reservoir Dogs!
I'll make a call and the Locs on you ho-ass chumps
Or show up wit' Nine Treys (trays) like a slow class lunch
Hold on, that's Shine pack, so fuck it...
I guess I gotta call up my dawg...the bounty hunter
And not the cracker wit' the mullet!
But that ain't what he want, 'cause shit, you positive now
You stopped doin'...shit you never did
Like, how that shit sound?
When you switch to this grown route, that shit is for whole clout
"I can't be no heartless pops." That nigga on Roll Bounce!
This just counts as entertainment!
Somebody please explain
If 50 offered that Power script, you tellin' me you won't take it?
And y'all think his wife won't leave him? Please
'Cause if he fail that L test, I'll be all up in your DM, V
See, now he prob'ly thinkin', "Woah, the buck stops wit' my queen."
I don't give a fuck
What's poppin'? I'll swing
'Cause if I can send them straight shots at your team
Then I gotta shoot at the Dame in the bar
I'm Beans in that State Property scene
I mean, his folks should let him know
It's like Day-Day in the back of the store with Roach
You know, the ho s'posed to catch the smoke!
I don't know what the hell he think
Save her? Yeah, he can't!
Shit, my best clips for Pretty V(ee) like Desi Banks!
And y'all ain't about to save him
You bluffin' your ass off
But if you really feelin' froggy, then fuck it, just blast off
'Cause if I get the last draw, that's all
Face shot, and when he drop, see if you can rebuttal that last thought

Well, that water's done

Talk to the cameras

Yeah, yeah, that water's done
I want this one
Smack, you said spit to the camera?


Ave, Ave, Ave, Ave...
You just really think if somebody was tryna harm my family, I wouldn't do nothin'?
Nigga, you crazy
That's why this "Gary" shit is gettin' outta hand
What's the fussin' about?
I changed my life, niggas havin' Diff'rent Strokes
The last time I checked, they always kept the drum in (Drummond) the house!
The fuck is you talkin' 'bout?
Y'all niggas here be statin' the wrong scripture
I mean, Gary!? Now we gotta flip things around 'cause I think y'all paintin' the wrong picture
See!? Y'all niggas wanna call me "Gary" 'cause that shit is supposed to be love
Last time I checked, Gary was known for the Glove!
So to my defense, I don't care if it's real or not
'Cause nigga, I'mma let it ring wit' the Heat
Nigga, and all that means is that I steal a lot
You see what I'm sayin', Ave?
I'm still here, nigga
It's gon' be more bad
I'mma make a Monopoly off of your property and then walk wit' your Park, Ave
You keep talkin'-
They said, "Could I be prepared in two weeks?"
I said, "Nigga, I do this effortless."
'Cause I just cleaned up the place...but gotta check again: I'm a perfectionist
Don said, "Tell 'em how your round keep gettin' better and better."
I said, "Nigga, don't mention it.
I mean, thanks for the referral, but I write up like a detention slip!"
I like the crowd to be silent
You new niggas real loud and defiant
Magic School Bus: I'll get that whole class to shrink
I got this shit down to a science!
I tried to tell you about Marc-
You know what? Never mind
I ain't into repeatin' myself a second time
'Cause I wouldn't have to tell you, "Stop! You're goin' the wrong way!" if you read the signs
See, you s'posed to battle and blog
That's why I think this new wave weak!
Ave, you're supposed to merge into both lanes
It's a two-way street!
What's this about!?
Niggas that can't build a brand but keep wanting these big amounts!?
That's why they always gon' exit early on Ave until you take a different route!
And then you turn (U-turn) around and get mad at Smack
I'm like, "Aw, you pissed."
'Cause you want the Verb and Calicoe battle, but say you don't chase niggas
So you ain't gon' argue this
Nigga, get in demand! Make the people gravitate to you
The only thing we know about you is that your bars legit
So stop the conspiracy
The whole setup's fake, Ave: Volume 6!
You got me pissed...
You know what's crazy!?
It's a thousand niggas I think you better than
But that money and top-tier conversation, that's the one that you never in!
You know why!? 'Cause you can't sell a fight
You the type to ask for promotion, and this nigga will tweet, "It's up"
Nigga, it's up where? And I hope you don't mean upstairs!
You said you don't do this shit for the fame
Well, I never knew a nigga who started from the bottom and wanted to be stuck there!
You niggas dumb weird, but this your battle favorite
The nigga that got the hood mentality instead of being calibrated
Your manager Kenny promotes your mixtape more than you!
But I'm still glad he made it!
'Cause anybody 30 still stuck on the Ave just wants to be Validated!
Yeah, let's talk! LET'S TALK!
Nigga...you promoted your mixtape one time
You Drake?
On Instagram, you did
That shit gon' sell itself?
I mean, where's the interviews? The videos?
Fans, how many songs can you sing?

Yeah, straight like that
Stop talkin' when I rap
Before it be straight like that with somethin' else in the ring

But back to what I was saying...
Where's your videos!? Your interviews?
To the fans, nigga, how many songs can you sing?

This how I know I got him mad

Like I said...
Interviews, videos!
Nigga, ask your fans how many songs can they sing
Your promotion is passive instead of bein' active
That's why you gon' take a loss in the ring
As far as management, I got some advice
It's like South Park - look at the results that it brings
'Cause even if he can withstand Eric, you keep killin' Kenny and it's an ongoing thing!
I mean, the Chef gettin' plates!
Nigga, am I missin' somethin'!?
You said y'all still brothers, so get him back on URL
Oh, you niggas bluffin'!
You see, that's why I can relate to Blood
'Cause being Ken folk'll (kinfolk) turn you into a distant cousin
Yeah, you seasoned...but you ain't even the best in your region
Nigga, that's what I heard
Smack, when he headline, the shit be like ehh
When T-Top and Brizz do it, it be packed to the curb
That's why he actin' absurd
You can't go to no other leagues
If you do, URL is that country slave owner
Like, "You alls come back here now."
Even the accent is slurred
I say all that to say you not even a Southern draw(l), but I made a vow(el) to be lax with my words!
I ain't come here to play!
Nigga, the whi-
It's too much...
The white boy called you a "HOUSE NIGGA"!
The WHITE BOY called you a "house nigga"!
And you stayed 'cause you expect props
Nigga, that ain't how the vets rock
You s'posed to have pull over (pullover) there, Ave
Wit' enough fuel to get to Big(g) K like a rest stop
Y'all know ARP's slogan! We heard that shit in the blogs
Nigga, I wanna see Ave with "Brick by Brick" like The Wizard of Oz!
Put the house on you!
Nigga, if you a boss, then move! Floss it, too!
The NBA Commissioners, of course it's true
'Cause before you could get Adam Silver, you gotta have that Stern talkin' to
The facts shown! Nigga, act grown!
The Shark gon' get washed up for SURE! (shore)
He don't got no backbone
Nigga, I don't gotta make the scheme colder!
You gon' lose to the Queens soldier
The nigga that make this shit more transparent than Malik Yoba
They don't battle you 'cause you can't get 'em nowhere!
Nigga, they don't battle me 'cause I took the scene over
That's why they...tiptoe around that bag like a sleepover!
Aye, listen, you gon' have to do more than just be grippin' the shotty
And I want you to catch it on the fly like Mr. Miyagi
I found my inner peace when I listened to Gandhi
They said I did current event bars, now they think I'm lyrically godly
I said, I know this growth abnormal, but I need no assist (cyst) in the BODY!
They said I used to clap machetes!
Now they criticize me just like he did, 'cause I don't wanna murder things
Well, other people say we see a different tone in you (U): Miami Hurricanes
Your career's on a spiral - do work
I'm never fearin' a rival - you first
Paul Pierce in the Finals: the Truth hurts
But I still hung out with them ghetto (Geto) Boys that'd catch a lick on 3
So either I'm (*smack-smack-smack-smack*) punchin' on Ave or my Mind's Playing Tricks on Me!
As a man, how could you stand wit' a plan to make sure your life could be better!?
As a man, where would your legacy be if you woulda died on that stretcher!?
As a man, I stopped gamblin'
Nigga, it helped my soul
You had kidney failure and you still drink
What you tryna sell is old
See, that's why I'm mad
How the fuck I'm up here talkin' about self-worth when he don't even have self-control!?
Streets! Music! Art! Knowledge! Culture!
I said, Streets, Music, Art, Culture, Knowledge
To build that brand was somethin' that's the hardest to do
This before Caffeine, before the app
Before JayBlac, before DNA and K-Shine was part of a crew
Before fans used to argue in groups
Before Party Arty and Mook
SMACK DVD Volume 1 - nigga, it started wit' you!
You are the foundation of the Culture, and you can't evolve!
That's why we done wit' your ass!
Talkin' 'bout "I punch on SMACK"
Nigga, that's Shea Davis!
Typical Ave nigga: stuck in the PAST!
I know for sure
Far as bread, nigga, I hope it's more
You up here criticizin' Fonz worth (Fonzworth) and you can't even open doors!
P, did he (P. Diddy) tell you that!?
That's why I think these niggas hella fake
And the only reason why he got the B. Dot third round: 'cause I want his brand to Elevate!
It's Round 3! It's gettin' hot in here!
And y'all niggas know my slogan...
(Get him the fuck outta here!)
Hell no!
Get this nigga that thought I couldn't punch the fuck outta here
I'm tryna help you be better
Get you bein' drunk the fuck outta here
Get all these niggas that can't get ready
I take two weeks, they take eight months the fuck outta here
And that conversation need to happen - let's get Lux the fuck outta here
Go 'head, nigga

Ayo, the problem is...battle rap done got way too soft
These niggas run from the smoke, but suit up to blog
But I'm supposed to buy this god-tier shit that you niggas talk?
Fuck naw
I mean, I applaud the little shit they did
But now it's all kinds of cap on the app - nigga, this ain't Lids!
Y'all ain't shit to me, nigga
I'm a different breed, killer
So braggin' 'bout what you did before we seen the league bigger?
That's weak filler
'Cause y'all either chargin' and never seen skrilla
Or tryna fake-run to the past (pass) like a flea-flicker
For a while now, I've been silent
Look, Verb don't want wreckin', and that's all I'm addressin'
Let's just keep it a thousand, Island
But I like how Cal' wildin'
I like how Cal' wildin'
I damn near respect the nigga
But WWF? That ain't shit to no legend-killer
Tell them niggas, "Run the smoke"
Y'all wanna be viewed as pros?
Then it's up for all you niggas, the olds and the new can go
I ain't gotta be group no mo'
I just had to find the drive in myself
So ain't no need to be under no crew's (cruise) control
But you, bro? But you, bro!?
You don't even realize you been used
Them niggas only by your side 'cause you provide 'em wit' moves
You was a goof
Before, they weren't supportin' your vision
You gave Shine a bigger career, he helped your wardrobe decisions!
What you ain't gettin'!?
I mean, you helped them build they brand to be decent
Ain't no secret
That nigga weren't yo' mans, and we peeped it
'Til yo' brand was increasin', and helped him eat
'Cause you ain't find out How to Get Away with Murder
Shit, you Annalise Keating!
But always speakin' 'bout this "branding" and plannin' the dopest moves
"Oh, I'm raisin' my kids"
Pussy, that's what you s'posed to do!
Can't no gun bars define who you is!
Some niggas fightin' a gun charge from just tryin' to provide for their kids!
Everybody ain't got a brand or a marketing scheme
Some niggas only know 'bout grams and how to offer the fiends
Everybody ain't got a sponsor wit' guap
Niggas lucky to get a plug that can match 'em on the arm what they cop!
You battle-connected! "Cuz" what?
If Smack clip Harry (hairy), I guarantee yo' buzz cut!
Then watch your brothers up and split
You who they fuckin' wit'
Off the strength of your family member Harry (hairy) like Cousin It
Bruh, admit it!
It ain't 'cause you nice, ain't 'cause you real
And it damn sure ain't 'cause they can count on you in the field
That's why Tuna had to leave these geeks
Couldn't get food on the card, and soon, y'all, watch how E be T (EBT)
So do your job
Keep buildin' your squad, making them trend
And they'll do they part creatin' facades, claimin' y'all friends just to duck you off the scene
You riskin' your real friends just to be cool and fit in
Don't you know Love Don't Cost a Thing!?
Why you ain't build shit wit' Clips? Where's NYB!?
See, you're beneficial, and that's why they pretend y'all peeps
Aye, if he choose to leave the flock, y'all ruined
'Cause you don't get no support for bein' a snake
Nigga, Dot Mobb proved it!
Is y'all stupid!?
"No Gun Bar DNA" - that's a front!
Like he made some improvement
And y'all approve this fuckin' chump?
Is that your truth or just a stunt?
'Cause you just now realizin' you pussy!?
Nigga, we already knew that from the jump!
So don't come here tryna teach or responsibility preach!
Them priorities you just learned, I been livin' 'em, D
I speak for niggas that done fought through the stress
Worked a job and still had to push the hard 'cause they was garnishin' checks!
So I'm not impressed!
'Cause what if I ain't wanna choose the Lux grind?
I don't give a fuck how y'all get bucks, long as you don't touch mine
Yeah, I been through some rough times
But bitch, my city turned boys to men (Boyz II Men)
So as you can see, Nate is doin' just fine!
I handle mine!
That's why I told you, "Fix my plate", right, Smack?
'Cause they been sleepin' - it's time I bring my state right back
Don't give a fuck about these sucka niggas! They type wack
'Cause I'm a nigga outta Norfolk...straight like that

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