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Iron Fist - Single

7 de julio de 2017

Significado de Iron Fist

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La canción "Iron Fist" del artista MC Ceja es una muestra impactante de agresividad lírica y habilidades verbales. A lo largo de la canción, MC Ceja presenta una serie de metáforas intensas y rimas contundentes que revelan su actitud desafiante y su confianza en sí mismo. Desde referencias a batallas callejeras hasta alusiones a eventos políticos y culturales, la letra de la canción se sumerge en un mundo oscuro y tumultuoso donde la violencia y el poder son los protagonistas.

MC Ceja se retrata a sí mismo como un líder implacable, dispuesto a enfrentarse a cualquiera que desafíe su posición. Sus letras contienen una mezcla de arrogancia y determinación, mostrando su capacidad para dominar el micrófono con sus habilidades verbales afiladas. A través de imágenes vívidas y referencias culturales, MC Ceja crea un paisaje sonoro denso e inquietante que atrapa al oyente desde el primer verso.

El título de la canción, "Iron Fist", sugiere fuerza y ​​determinación, elementos que se reflejan en toda la composición lírica. MC Ceja adopta un tono desafiante y provocador a lo largo de la canción, proclamando su superioridad sobre sus competidores con cada palabra pronunciada. Su flujo rítmico y su energía frenética hacen que la canción sea una experiencia auditiva intensa y visceral.

En términos musicales, "Iron Fist" combina elementos del reggaetón y el trap para crear un sonido único y contemporáneo. La producción musical es dinámica y llena de matices, complementando perfectamente las letras agresivas de MC Ceja. El uso creativo de instrumentos y ritmos añade profundidad a la composición general, creando un ambiente tenso e inquietante que envuelve al oyente en una atmósfera casi cinematográfica.

En conclusión, "Iron Fist" es mucho más que una simple canción; es una declaración audaz de identidad artística y una exhibición impresionante de habilidades líricas. A través de metáforas audaces e imágenes vívidas, MC Ceja crea un personaje intrépido cuya presencia en el escenario virtual es imposible ignorar. Con esta canción, MC Ceja deja claro que está aquí para quedarse y conquistar el mundo del reggaetón con puño firme.

Interpretación del significado de la letra realizada con IA.

I'm the man in Long Beach, nigga

I don't sleep, but I'm sleeping with your freak, nigga

Nigga, I cock tail like a Molotov; she's hot as Brianna Frost
It's costly when my Glock yell; holocaust
I'm John Gotti; when I'm grippin' the shotty, I saw it off
Probably finna catch a body when your posse is poppin' off

Uh uh, I'm a boss, I don't gotta acknowledge y'all
You niggas want my crown? Funny, you should knock it off
From the bottom ? got 'em, make it hot when that rocket launch
Then I'mma cut you like Obama had Osama Bin Laden caught

My llama I cock and draw, I'm ready and willin'
Got a machete in my Chevy, I'mma sever your melon
Kill a nigga in a minute, I'm the deadliest villain
I'm peelin' various caps cause it's very appealin'

Prepare for when killin' got a problem, spare me your feelings
I uppercut a nigga's chin and send his head through the ceiling
Though I shoot at will like I'm filmin' Fresh Prince
Got a Double-XL mag if you don't feel these Freshmen

Ay Double-XL Mag, you feel these Freshmen?
I'm comin' to tell fags, they will be X'd when
I hit them motherfuckers with a couple of shells
I'm rugged as hell, the Grim Reaper's a niggas best friend
My nickname for my trigger is a send button
You finna get the message when a nigga press send
I fuck your bitch to sleep, she's in here restin'
Ain't that interestin'? Holler at em, G

Automatically, drama gotta cease
On my side, I'm packin' that automatic heat
Chopper I hold got a mind of it's own
So when you get shot in the dome, don't get mad at me
We the best but competitive still
Keep gettin' better and better, got impeccable skills
It's a fuckin' fact, we in love with rap
Call us Mt. Rushmore, we head over heels

You head over heels when I sever your head from the rest of your skeleton and kick your head over to Beverly Hills
It's like you never paid your Edison bill, cuz I put your lights out, then I'mma hit em again and dead em for real
I'll have you pushin' up daisies, I'm a mix between Crooked and Jay Z
I'm him and him and Eminem in a blender, look what it made me
I'm Jigga, but I'm Crooked as Shady

Niggas look at me crazy, fuck niggas thought this was
This isn't what fuck niggas thought this was
I'll position myself in front of the opposition
And thoughts of gettin' bullets you niggas can all get slugs
See I fuck with the niggas I fuck with which happens to be the niggas you niggas can't fuck with
I'm sick, a disease, don't approach Kenny
My mother wasn't pregnant, she was diagnosed with me

What's gotten into me? I spit like I'm trying to kill Pac's enemies
I got Pac's memories and I'm God's mini-me
Like the birth of Jesus, this a godly delivery
Must be the Rakim in me, must be the COB sending me
Rhymes the telepathic way, now you fellas have to pray
But I'mma snatch a prayer out the air and mail it back today
I told you I was molded out of Cassius Clay
I'm sellin' kites, that's fly notes without a stamp from Dre
A tyrant mixed with a pirate mixed with a virus mixed with the Christian messiah
A scientist on some Iron Fist shit mixed with Goliath and the Leviathan
Rhymes in pyroglyphics - that's hot lines like you dialin' digits
Nigga, we the illest 4 spitters known
About that life like I think abortion is wrong
If you sittin' on a throne that's fit for a king
I'mma make the king forfeit his throne
Let's get it on

What's gotten into me? That 9mm with me
It may back a nigga up when I squeeze that MMG
Numero uno gun slinger; number one with a bullet
Yeah, I'm next to the best, you can call me Little Crooked
Paper chaser, I run for the dough
Rob y'all, run in your do', you should be runnin' you doe
Yo, I'm from Long Beach definitely I rep the city
Sexin' bitches, they see the bread think I'm spread like Skippy
Weapons with me, but I don't need weapons, my hands are silly
Black your eye, put 2 circles around em, call it 720
Finna be some type of disaster when I fire that blocka
Light up the room when I clap but I ain't buyin' no clapper
Like Iverson back in his prime, I'm the answer
I'm gettin' tired of rappers, my patience is gettin' thin as dyin' of cancer
Yeah nigga, with them hedge clippers, I landscape
I got dope for the fans, now call it fanbase

Uhh, what's gotten into me? I had an enemy, he's now beneath the soil
A cannibal, eat your heart out or I'll eat it for you
These cats are little pussies so of course they must be kiddin'
Fuck your writtens, I sleep on em like tough decisions
I'll drop a ho, if you wanna dance there'll be a ho-down
You're a rickety bridge, when I run across you it's gonna go down
Kenny, no fuckin' Lattimore, chatter less, batter more
So please miss me with the bull like a matador
It's kinda sorta like Costco where you try a sample
My heat'll cook your ribs, make you the prime example of what I got in store
Disrespectful, y'all know what I say
I'mma give your mom this dick for Mother's Day
Fuck her face until she suffocates
There's noone who can't suffer scrapes, fucks like supper plates, shut the drapes
My bussin' saves lives like dialysis
You can die, I'll assist, then I'mma dial ya sis up

What's gotten into me? I'm just too good
Wishful thinking? Nah, thinkin' wishful, I wish fools would
My whole clique is pissed, I'm pissed too
Pistol whip you, your bitch too
Bear many arms like Vishnu could
I'm the dopest north of the equator; a swordsman, I swing sabres
Coroner or police won't find your corpse 'til a week later
You say you rich but you broke, you front when dough is missin'
I'm in the whip gettin' blown like my front window is missin'
It's like I drive without a windshield, I ain't rich but your broad gon' ride my dick still
Got a big Dill pickle, my pickle's kinda like a big deal
I'm the kind that rhyme with sick skills
But I want sales in every rotation kinda like a windmill
When it comes to my cheese it's war, put squares in a box like Cheez-Its
Kill a nigga's family tree, there's blood on the leaves, I'm a god like Yeezus
I'm sick, so fuck everybody's health
Next to Slaughterhouse we the best, fuck everybody else

I'm tryin' to dodge a Challenger, caravan of coroners
Like a broad overseas gettin' the D, put the 4 in her
That's foreplay, head first, roadkill to asphalt
Evade collabs, we give boxes to match y'all
Equate bodies on the slab call
Lines spit they die it gets the dead weight off
Urge to spill work when directing the shots
Reel in eclipse that shatter bricks on the spot
When it pops, my brother weigh in
When it pops, my brothers weigh in with ego
like DaVinci's, few spot 'em
Bombers'll thriller through that horoscope, I got 'em
COB shit

Know I keep it 100; I'm like Michael Jordan, they respected me from the jump
Vast knowledge, I'm a pro, Karate Kid pose
Why? Cuz I got a leg up on these so and so's
Watch the next contender's neck get severed
Middle and index pressed together
Horizontal hand motion suggestive gestures suggest your death sir
Fuck it, I'm high, the percoset suppress my receptors
Audio cables replaced all of my arteries
I got an Arc reactor, Stark Industry heart piece
See most the rappers in the game are predominantly whack
So next time you pick up a mic, I'm charging a property tax

Let's get into it, this music for you to cruise it through avenues when you got 2 or more bitches in the backseat
Peep how we do it, sip fluid, her booty was movin' to the groove as soon as I started grippin' on her ass cheek
Slide up inside her, break oppositions like bottles while firing hollows with a loaded P9 semi-auto
I'm homicidal towards my rivals, we riders inspiring sole survivor but desperado
The COB's hotter than Cabo, our monstrous clique is rowin' the West Coast
Mafia boss like Mickey Cohen, no trust fund baby but I more wills
Swing at your jaw with my watch on, I'mma clock your grill fucker

Fuckin' bad bitches has never been a problem
When you in that coupe, all black like them goons mobbin'
Use caution, or better yet, use coffins
Killin' it is my day job, cemetery's my office
Who's talkin? I don't believe em
It's all a house of lies, they actin' like Don Cheadle
Position fetal, and if it's a small for real niggas to pass through then you see I'm threadin' the needle
Far from Nino, mercenary most of my people
Drop a c-note, 55 to be exact at the casino
I'm wasn't ticking, caught a kilo
Like Mexicans hoppin' the border, I'm just livin' illegal

Get to know me, run and tell your homies
You got love for me? Then fuckin' show me
You hate me? I leave you lonely
For what I do to your kids, you'll compare me to Kony
I'm sick, give a fuck about your politics
And all you mother fuckers out there who ride Obama's dick
He crooked, like the president before him, and the one before him, and the one before him
It's goes back centuries, corruption is power
Like the Twin Towers, Sandy Hook was our government manipulatin' the public
Open your eyes people, stop believin' dumb shit

My word's is poetic, kill you softly, leave you beheaded
I make you regret it that a be pathetic
When I'm spittin' and rhymin', it's kinda like rippin' the hymen
Competition, send em flyin', they get clipped just for tryin'
I suffocate em so they can't even breathe
Haters hate that I'm gettin' cheese but they love when I leave
And the era where nigga's trash and these bitches is gas
I devour em fast and I blow em outta my ass
You wanna throw blows, I'm the man with the iron fists
Hand you this paper, do like Fantasia, now read this
Now this a cypher so I'mma end it with a hype line
My crew'll run a train on you bitches, call that a pipeline

I blast MC's here to another planet
Then back to Los Angeles like a straight savage
My C-O-B band is bury kids in deep canvas with deep damage, we body bandages
This hip hop game is chopped and screwed
We need to take it back to when Crooked was slaughterin' fools
12 o clock in a Sox hat, where Watts at?
As I rob you with a ball bat, we're full contact
Rappers don't excite me, like to introduce you to the bottom of my Nikes
I'm just like Spike Lee, I slap MC's that givin' me the attitude
You never reach my altitude, when it come to my city Watts, nigga, I'm the dude

The fact that my shoes are Margielas, I think is makin' them more jealous
Try to rob me, you got the wrong fella, you gon' end up another morgue dweller
I'm takin' shots like a bartender to you fake Bloods and you fake Crips
Dice just sold me a handgun, more bodies on it than a slave ship
I'm ridin' around in that space ship, I'm all fly in that double cut
These rapper's sayin' they got weight, watch it get taken like a tummy tuck
I'm in the hood with your bitch tonight, she fuck around and get hit tonight
From now on call me Nickelodeon, cuz your bitch wanna see Niq at night
I got designer clothes and a couple Nikes, I pimp on hoes and I hustle right
Diss me, it's like a pornstar with aids cause that's the end of your fuckin' life
I leave your ass nigga, rest in piece, then you block block for the rest of the street
You in a trash can like Grouch, then I'm Big Bird like Sesame Street

With ease I make history, I'm so ill my disease gettin' sick of me
Name a young nigga better, ain't nobody on my level
It's Killuminati nigga, fuck your mystery
And I'm first, in a warp rhyme it don't work
There's a huge gap between us like Miley Cyrus showed us she can't twerk
My verse, a hearse, I kill em all, you die in a tub
Bullshit is like aids cause nobody fuck with you
Nigga I'm right like 3 left turns, the forcefield flow, my shit is untouchable
I'm edison, severin, relevance, heaven sent, rhetoric, reticent, hesitant
Never been deeper than melanin and shinin' like Edison
Flow is intelligent, just as my element
Discographies are monogamous, stay with the shit, I'm like Socrates
My rhymes should be a biography cuz I'm about the life and that's honesty
My philosophy is you cannot compete, this is C-O-B and we own
I don't need no remote or Lamar that know my coast Control

Don't nobody really wanna whip my crew, if you do, it's on sight
Though C.O.B is gonna get industry with lyrical rights, braat, we ain't coming to fight you
But we ready for whatever, whoever wanna bring it, you better believe we somethin' that you've never seen
Actually from another galaxy, aliens mad at me, wanna battle me and end up with the Elohim
Spaceship crash land in the Philippines, ever since been the illest at spittin'
Gettin' crazy ridiculous and way more sick with it
Choppin' these lyrics when I put em up to the guillotine
Rhymes are slicin' accurate, aimin' for apocalypse
My mind is telepathic, spirit trapped inside the obelisk
Unlock it, I'm blockin' your optics subconscious words are flyin'
Blindfolded eyes closed, couldn't see us with your third eye
Plus we got an army worldwide, but this the West y'all
Name a hotter cypher the COB is coming knockin' heads off

Letra traducida a Español

Soy el hombre en Long Beach, tío

No duermo, pero estoy durmiendo con tu chica, tío

Tío, mezclo como un cóctel como un cóctel Molotov; ella es tan caliente como Brianna Frost
Es costoso cuando mi Glock grita; holocausto
Soy John Gotti; cuando estoy sosteniendo la escopeta, la vi cortada
Probablemente voy a atrapar a alguien cuando tu pandilla esté disparando

Uh uh, soy un jefe, no tengo que reconocerlos a todos
Quieren mi corona? Cómico, deberían dejarlo
Desde abajo los tengo, pongo caliente cuando ese cohete despega
Luego te cortaré como Obama tuvo a Osama Bin Laden atrapado

Mi llama la cargo y disparo, estoy listo y dispuesto
Tengo un machete en mi Chevy, voy a cortarte la cabeza
Matar a un tío en un minuto, soy el villano más mortal
Estoy quitando varias tapas porque es muy atractivo

Prepárate para cuando matar sea un problema, ahorra tus sentimientos
Le doy un uppercut al mentón de un tío y envío su cabeza al techo
Aunque disparo como si estuviera filmando El Príncipe de Bel-Air
Tengo una revista Double-XL si no sientes a estos Novatos

Eh, Revista Double-XL, sientes a estos Novatos?
Voy a decirles a los maricones que serán eliminados cuando
Golpee a esos hijos de puta con un par de balas
Soy duro como el infierno, la Parca es la mejor amiga de un tío
Mi apodo para mi gatillo es un botón de enviar
Vas a recibir el mensaje cuando presione enviar
Me follo a tu chica hasta que se duerme, está aquí descansando
No es interesante? Grita a ellos, G

Automáticamente, el drama tiene que cesar
De mi lado, estoy empacando ese calor automático
La ametralladora que sostengo tiene una mente propia
Así que cuando te disparan en la cabeza, no te enojes conmigo
Somos los mejores pero seguimos siendo competitivos
Seguimos mejorando y mejorando, tenemos habilidades impecables
Es un hecho jodido, estamos enamorados del rap
Llámenos Monte Rushmore, estamos totalmente comprometidos

Estás totalmente comprometido cuando separo tu cabeza del resto de tu esqueleto y golpeo tu cabeza hasta Beverly Hills
Es como si nunca hubieras pagado tu factura de Edison, porque te apagamos las luces, luego te golpeo de nuevo y te mato de verdad
Te haré empujar margaritas, soy una mezcla entre Crooked y Jay Z
Soy él y él y Eminem en una licuadora, mira lo que me hizo
Soy Jigga, pero soy retorcido como Shady

Los tios me miran raro, qué tios pensaron que era esto?
Esto no es lo que los tios pensaron que era esto
Me posiciono frente a la oposición
Y pensamientos de recibir balas, todos ustedes pueden recibir balas
Vean, me llevo bien con los tios con los que me llevo bien, que casualmente son los tios con los que ustedes no se llevan bien
Estoy enfermo, una enfermedad, no se acerquen a Kenny
Mi madre no estaba embarazada, le diagnosticaron mi

Traducción de la letra realizada con IA.