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Demasiado Facil de Rakel

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Demasiado Fácil

2 de diciembre de 2014

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I really really might light inner skies
Been tied pretty freely by my Psyche
Been a christian till that crisis
Cause by now i been all around the line see
Now i find my power in the Now please
Millimeters in the rout nah i never was a gang plead
But i find that, better now than never
Don’t conceal better to reveal the powder in that chamber
How does it feel, perceiving what’s real
Chain reactions in a ranger, motherfucker
I’m a stranger, but i look into my eyes
I see an other worldy essence
Prevalescent and i’m free
Now do your treading with care
Im on one, enlightened? Mm barely
So dont at me
Hurt yourself and dont blame me
So long ill be
In the realm of wealth
Smithereens of a cardboard skyscraper to find the true being

Now Im the wolf wolf
Put it in song
You dont wanna know about the things that go wrong
Wolf wolf
Put it in song
Motherfucker this is my story behold

You’ll have to admit
Im prolly tha- most versatile artist you’ve seen
Cause I go from manic to depressed in nothing
As I go figurin’ what fixtures mean
Been quite intrigued with the limits I collapse
Been a task but a clasp like her bra, wan’t that hard?
Nah, it was, but i’d never go back
I bring my a1 I never not came hard Give me an E
Irrelevant, ineloquent?, infinite in any case?
Also I rarely repeat
As i leave irreparable reverends brain damage
When I put my politically incorrect
Non denominational
Spiritual and lyrical
Using big words for those intrigued
Bustin up flows as a cure for the fiends
And studying laws to get dat green and change these streets

And you should see their eyes
Like i see, when i prophesize that i do this
Not for the ice ask me
How everything is temporary
And my social commentary penetrated
Like my citie’s heat
Mexico mi Mexico in all of me
Si cuestionas por que en dos idiomas
Uno era demasiado facil
Que te digo
Cuando corro no respiro y
Mis alas me estorban
Cuando cruzo el universo
Deeply perplexed for
The switching of this head ghosts
Mindsets and landscapes fit for all the ones that
Gave a fuck to change their heads, illuminate
Self-develop their motherfucking abilities
And i feel so happy, nah
Its just tha joy inside
And i can't hide
The future that i foresee for this place when im in charge
When i bring them all with me

So remember all these lessons
That i forget a few mins
When im hangin with this girl
She like whats your favorite skill
And im like, i dont wanna brag
But when i buy the gorceries
I can carry all the bags
To the house from the car
In a single ride
Now baby
Ye, you loooking at a man, damn right
And i wanted to end this on a high note
But i can't sing and i barely can rap so
I just wanted to remind you
Life’s a bitch so you better walk it to the park
Put a leash discipline cannot be
Replaced with nada must commit
And when you act it’s more about tryin than what you can achieve
Take action fuck reactions, and excuses? Excuse this
Some day you’ll love that bitch the way i love my dog
Haha, love you princess
And now i gotta go This shit about to crash
Cause from all this potential i can’t even fit inside the bars

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