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Faded love de Patsy cline

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15 de diciembre de 2011

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Written by bob & john wills
(as released by patsy cline august 5, 1963)
As i look at the letters that you wrote to me
it's you that i am thinkin' of
as i read the lines that, to me, were so dear
i remember our faded love

i miss you darlin', more and more every day
as heaven would miss the stars the above
with every heartbeat, i still think of you
and remember our faded love
As i think of the past and all the pleasures we had
as i watch the mating of the dove
it was in the springtime that you said goodbye
i remember our faded love
(repeat chorus)
And remember our faded love
© ann-rachel music corp. (ascap)

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